Early Phase Cancer Trials Programme at UCL and UCLH


Early Phase Cancer Trials Programme Website Launch

4 May 2022

Website Launch News Items Thumbnail 04.05.22
It Is with great pleasure we announce the launch of the Early Phase Cancer Trials Programme website


The Early Phase Cancer Trials Programme brings scientists and clinicians together to deliver ground-breaking therapies for the treatment of cancer through clinical trials, with patients being at the heart of its research. The website will act as the central hub of information for clinicians, researchers, collaborators, patients, and the public.

Our goal is to highlight our comprehensive list of early phase cancer trials open to recruitment and provide essential information on these trials. The website will also be updated with helpful information on early phase cancer trials alongside the latest news and events from the programme, including key publications and abstracts.


Alongside this the website will contain content for patients and the public, to provide an understanding of how early phase clinical trials are run, information on the latest research, and helpful content.

We will host a team profile of all our Principal Investigators who run early phase cancer trials, including information about the various teams, departments and networks that ensure smooth running of early phase cancer trials.


We want to ensure the website is fit to serve the needs of members who will use it, so we welcome any feedback and comments on the website.