Early Modern Exchanges


Web 0.1: Early Modern Information Culture, c.1450-c.1750

This module seeks to historicise the concept of the information society through the study of the cultural and intellectual history of early modern Europe.

Ramelli's bookwheel, early modern information culture

Code: CMII0022
Value: 15 credits
Tutor: Dr Matthew Symonds
Time & Location: Fridays, 10am-12pm, term 2. Use UCL 'Custom Timetable' to check rooms

It is a truism that we live in an information society and that this is a new and unprecedented state of affairs. The rediscovery and popularisation of classical learning, the explosion of printed material, and the birth of a modern concept of scientific knowledge presented a challenge to scholars and states across Europe: how to organise, use, and share information in an age where there was – in the words of Ann Blair – “too much to know”.

Assessment: One 4000 word essay (100%)

Coursework should be submitted via the Moodle course, and according to the deadlines set out therein.