Early Modern Exchanges



Modules are the individual units of study which lead to the award of credit. MA EMS students take 45 credits of optional modules.

Core Modules

Click here to see a list of the core modules.

Optional Modules

You can choose any relevant modules from across UCL, and other Colleges within the University of London. We have compiled a list of suggested modules, which are loosely grouped by subject areas. You are welcome to take other modules not on the list, as long as they are relevant.

Crossing the Channel: Early Modern England in a European context
CodeTitleDeptCreditsTermDayTimeEmail for permission
7AAH2012 European Expansion: Ethnic Prejudices & Civil Rights (1500-1850)KCL History152t.b.c.t.b.c.Charlotte Murray (KCL)
CLAS0118Approaches to the Reception of the Classical WorldClassics151 or 2Thu2-4pmAlex Balčiūnas
SEES0060Russian Monarchy: Court Ritual and Political Ideas, 1498-1917SSEES152Thu11am-1pmssees-lc@ucl.ac.uk
7AAH2023Divided by Faith? The Age of Religious Violence in Early Modern EuropeKCL History152t.b.c.t.b.c.Charlotte Murray (KCL)
Expanding Horizons: Exploration, Circulation and Discovery
CodeTitleDeptCreditsTermDayTimeEmail for permission
HPSC0080Early Modern ScienceSTS152Tues11am-1pmsts-aa@ucl.ac.uk
HIST0370Public History, Slavery and Britain's Colonial PastHistory152Fri11am-1pmSarah Jenyon
CMII0022Early Modern Information Culture, c.1450-c.1750SELCS152Fri10am-12pmselcs.postgraduate@ucl.ac.uk
7AAH2005Ritual in Early Modern SocietyKCL History152t.b.c.t.b.c.Charlotte Murray (KCL)
From Dust to Digital: : Navigating the Early Modern Archive
CodeTitleDeptCreditsTermDayTimeEmail for permission
INST0045Digital CurationInformation Studies152Tues10am-12pmLaura Keshav
MDVL0061Beginners Latin for ResearchMARS (History)301 and 2?Wed / Fri4-6pm / 11am-1pmSarah Jenyon
CCME0067Constructing and Interpreting Heritage CultureIoE301Thur10am-5pmJosephine Borradaile
INST0040Oral History: from creation to curationInformation Studies152Wed10am-12pmLaura Keshav

There are also a variety of modern foreign language graduate modules, including French, Italian or Spanish for Academic Purposes, or Translation Skills.

Not just Shakespeare: Early Modern Literature
CodeTitleDeptCreditsTermDayTimeEmail for permission
CMII0130Pre-Modern Poetics of PlaceSELCS302Thu11am-1pmselcs.postgraduate@ucl.ac.uk
CMII0126Shakespeare in His TimeSELCS152Tue10am-12pmselcs.postgraduate@ucl.ac.uk
GERM0043Wolfram von Eschenbach's 'Parzival'SELCS301Mon9-11amselcs.postgraduate@ucl.ac.uk
7AAEM250Eighteenth Century Writing, Gender and CultureKCL English15t.b.c.t.b.c.t.b.c.english@kcl.ac.uk
ITAL0035Dante: Divina CommediaSELCS301Thu11am-1pmselcs.postgraduate@ucl.ac.uk
t.b.c.Islamic Authorities and Arab Elements in the Renaissance Warburg302t.b.c.t.b.c.Madisson Brown (Warburg)
See also the full list of English modules at King's College London
In too deep? Early Modern Political Thought
Code TitleDeptCreditsTermDayTimeEmail for permission
HIST0626Political Thought in Renaissance EuropeHistory151Tue9-11amSarah Jenyon
LAWS0130Historical Development of the Common LawLaws301 and 2Fri9-11amAmrit Phagura
HIST0795The EnlightenmentHistory15t.b.c.t.b.c.t.b.c.Sarah Jenyon
7AAH2022 Liberty, Reason, and The State: British Moral and Political Thought in Early-ModernityKCL History15t.b.c.t.b.c.t.b.c.Charlotte Murray (KCL)
    Origins of the Early Modern: Medieval links
    CodeTitleDeptCreditsTermDayTimeEmail for permission
    ELCS0054Ink: Material Encounters with Medieval TextsSELCS301Tue11am-1pmselcs.postgraduate@ucl.ac.uk
    MDVL0054The Invention of the Question: a History of European Thinking, 1100-1400MARS (History)151Tue4-6pmSarah Jenyon
    MDVL0001The Medieval English BookMARS (History)301 and 2t.b.c.t.b.c.Sarah Jenyon
    ELCS0051Metamorphosis: The Limits of the HumanSELCS301Tue11am-1pmselcs.postgraduate@ucl.ac.uk
    MDVL0047Magic in the Middle AgesMARS (History)152Tue10am-12pmSarah Jenyon
    The Order of Things: Visual and Material Culture
    CodeTitleDeptCreditsTermDayTimeEmail for permission
    ARCL0137Aztec Archaeology: Codices and EthnohistoryArchaeology151Mon9-11amJudy Metherington
    t.b.c.Cosmological Images: Representing the UniverseWarburg302t.b.c.t.b.c.Madisson Brown (Warburg)


    Transformations of the Body in Early Modern Cabinets of DisplayHistory of Art301 and 2?Fri11am-1pmLauren Sperring
    t.b.c.Renaissance Painting and the Workshop TraditionWarburg302t.b.c.t.b.c.Madisson Brown (Warburg)

    Choosing modules

    When choosing your optional modules you will need to:

    • Contact the administrator in the department/College who is offering the module. Please be aware that departments are entitled to give priority to their own students. After that places are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. 
    • Check your modules don’t clash. You can find out when a module takes place on the online timetable by using the 'custom search' function. 
    • Make sure your course-load is balanced across both terms.

    Questions? FAQs about choosing modules and enrolling 

    Registering modules

    Once you have formally enrolled at UCL, you need to register your module choices on Portico. Please register your modules as soon as you can and before the end of the first week of term. To register your modules on Portico, you must have registered with UCL. The UCL webpage Select Modules explains how to register your modules.