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EME HYBRID Memory and Performance: Classical Reception in Early Modern Festivals (15th-18th Century)

23 February 2023–24 February 2023, 9:00 am–6:00 pm

Naumachia nel giardino ducale di Parma

Second part of a two-stage conference on Memory and Performance. Call for papers closes 13th April 2022

This event is free.

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Giovanna Di Martino


UCL, Gower Street
United Kingdom

Two-stage conference: 13-14 October 2022, University of Parma and on Zoom; 23-24 February 2023, University College London and on Zoom.

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Both conferences will be preceded by three days of theatre workshops (10-12 October 2022; 20-22 February), organised as part of the W.I.D.E. program, promoted and supported by the University of Parma and the EU. These will be directed by the playwright and director Marco Martinelli (Teatro delle Albe) and by Giovanna Di Martino (UCL, APGRD), and offered to a group of 10 students from UNIPR, UCL, and Oxford. They will work on the performance of a number of scenes from a selection of early modern performance scripts based on ancient dramatic texts, and will investigate the performability and intricate web of citations embedded within early modern dramatic scripts. The results of these workshops will be presented at both conferences. 

Organisers: Francesca Bortoletti (UNIPR), Giovanna Di Martino (UCL & APGRD)

Scientific Committee: Mariella Bonvicini (UNIPR), Francesca Bortoletti (UNIPR), Nicola Catelli (UNIPR), Giovanna Di Martino (UCL & APGRD), Giorgio Ieranò (UNITN), Fiona Macintosh (Oxford), Massimo Magnani (UNIPR), Eckart Marchand (Warburg), Lucy Jackson (Durham), Eugenio Refini (NYU); Paolo Russo (UNIPR), Carlo Varotti (UNIPR), Erika Valdivieso (Yale), Federica Veratelli (UNIPR).

Sponsors and Partners: Supported by the University of Parma, the Centro per le Attività e le Professioni delle Arti e dello Spettacolo (CAPAS, UNIPR), UCL, the Centre for Early Modern Exchanges (UCL), the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama (Oxford), and the Leventis Foundation; in co-partnership with the Centro Interateneo sulla Memoria delle Arti Performative (MAP – Roma, Parma, Genova), the Centro Interuniversitario di ricerca di ‘Studi sulla Tradizione (Bari, San Marino, Padova, Trento), the Laboratorio Dionysos (Trento), The Society for European Festivals Research and The Warburg Institute (London).

Keynote speakers: Erika Lin (CUNY); Eugenio Refini (NYU); Erika Valdivieso (Yale); Paola Ventrone (UNICATT).

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Image: Pier Ilario Mercanti, 'Spolverini' (Parma 1657-Piacenza 1734), Carlo Virginio Draghi (Piacenza, 1638-1694) Naumachy in the Ducal Garden Palace in Parma. Oil on canvas, cm 264 × 330. Parma, Casa della Musica.
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