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Post-medieval Latin verse in English manuscript sources, c.1550-1700: initial findings

27 February 2019, 4:30 pm–5:30 pm

Andrew Melville, drawing of him at his desk

This talk will present some of the first analysis of a large project surveying for the first time the tens of thousands of post-medieval (i.e. ’neo’) Latin verse preserved in early modern English manuscript  sources. This extremely rich and varied material is testament to the profoundly bilingual nature of early modern English literary culture, but has been almost untouched by scholarship, and has never been surveyed before.

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This presentation will offer an overview of the material, discuss briefly methodology and data analysis involved in a project surveying manuscript sources on this scale, and then focus on emergent findings. Areas of particular interest to other early modernists are likely to include: newly discovered Latin verse by significant figures of the period (such as Andrew Melville); new evidence for the circulation of the Latin work of well-known poets (such as Andrew Marvell); formal and metrical innovations and the relation between formal innovations in Latin and English verse; the prevalence of Latin-English verse translation; ’translanguaging’ elements such as macaronic verse; and evidence for patterns of readership as well as composition. The talk will be illustrated with slides of some of the c. 1400 manuscripts so far examined, and is likely to be of interest to graduate students and colleagues with an interest in early modern English poetry and literary culture, intellectual history, translation studies, manuscript studies, classical reception and neo-Latin. 

All welcome. There will be drinks and discussion after the talk. This event is organised by UCL Early Modern Exchanges, which is part of the Institute of Advanced Studies.

About the Speaker

Dr Victoria Moul

Senior Lecturer in Latin Language & Literature at King's College London

Victoria Moul works mainly on the interpretation, translation and reception of classical poetry. She has published widely on the reception and interpretation of Horace in the 16th and 17th century, as well as upon neo-Latin poetry of the period. Additional interests include the theory and practice of poetic translation, and the reception and translation of classical lyric in modernist poets. 

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