Early Medieval Atlas



Major Research Projects

Lordship and Landscape in East Anglia CE 400–800 2017– Leverhulme Trust
Travel and Communication in Anglo-Saxon England 2014–17 Leverhulme Trust
Assembly Sites of Wales 2014–  
Landscapes of Governance 2009–12 Leverhulme Trust
Beyond the Tribal Hidage 2006–09 Leverhulme Trust
Beyond the Burghal Hidage 2005–08 Leverhulme Trust

PhD Research Projects

Suburban Development in Anglo-Norman England - Andrew Agate [current, UCL]
Coin hoards and society in medieval England and Wales, c. AD 973-1544 - Murray Andrews [current, UCL]
Trees and Woodland in Anglo-Saxon Culture - Michael Bintley [completed 2010, UCL]
The Place-Name Kingston and its Context - Jill Bourne [completed 2011, University of Nottingham]
An interdisciplinary study of the significance of Old English -ingas in Anglo-Saxon society and culture, with special reference to place-names - Robert Briggs [current, UCL]
From Wics to monasteries and palaces: investigating Anglo-Saxon vessel glass from settlement contexts - Rose Broadley [current, UCL]
War-gear and Warrior Culture in England and Scandinavia, c.500-1100 - Sue Brunning [completed 2013, UCL]
Social Landscape of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Sussex - Scott Chaussée [current, UCL]
Land, people and power in early medieval Wales: the cantref of Cemais in comparative perspective - Rhiannon Comeau [current, UCL]
Travel and Communication in the Landscape of Early Medieval Wessex - Alex Langlands [completed 2013, University of Winchester]
Pattern and process in Anglo-Saxon rural settlement - Hana Lewis [current, UCL]
Pilgrimage in Later Medieval England: Four Regional Case Studies - Martin Locker [completed 2013, UCL]
Adaptive continuity, pattern and process in the exploitation (and built environment) of woodland-pastures in Anglo-Saxon and Medieval England - Jason Peters [current, UCL]
Tower-nave Churches as High-Status Secular and Religious Buildings in Anglo-Saxon and Early Norman Society - Michael Shapland [completed 2012, UCL]
Landscape and Warfare in Early Medieval Britain - Tom Williams [completed 2016, UCL]
From wic to burh: Identifying urban identities through the archaeology of late Saxon London - Victoria Ziegler [current, UCL]

Academic Network based projects

Members of the team are participants in the following related projects:

Forms and Scales of Space Divisions in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula (AD 700–1035) Spanish funded international academic network  (2014- )
Collapse and regeneration in late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages: the case of Northwestern Iberia Spanish funded international academic network  (2014- )
Assemblies in Iceland 850–1950 Icelandic funded international academic network (2014- )
Foundations of European Space Project 2 Spanish funded international academic network (2010-15)
Local territories and identities in the early medieval centre of Iberian Peninsula: a spatial analysis of rock-cut graves’ Spanish funded international academic network (2010-15)
The Assembly Project ERC funded research project (2009-15)
Sense of Place in the Early Middle Ages AHRC funded network (2009-11)
Foundations of the European Space Spanish funded international academic network  (2005-09)
People and Space in the Early Middle Ages British Academy funded seminar (2001-4)

Fieldwork based projects

Members of the team are participants in the following related projects:

Vigana Highland Settlement Project (Central Northern Spain) 2012-
Archaeological-Historical study of Saint Vincent of Meá Church (Mugardos, A Coruña) 2011
Alava Rural Settlement Project (North-eastern Spain) 2006-12
Howmore Project, South Uist (Outer Hebrides) 2002–2005
Buckfastleigh Project (Devon) 2001-7
Compton Bassett Area Research Project (Wiltshire) 1991–present