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Lordship and Landscape People

Project Leaders

Chris Scull

Christopher Scull (PI, UCL) is an archaeologist with an international research profile in early medieval studies and a particular interest in trajectories of social and economic complexity around the North Sea and the Channel in the 5th–8th centuries AD. He is an advocate of inter-disciplinary approaches to the study of the past, and an Honorary Visiting Professor at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, and the Department of Archaeology & Conservation, Cardiff University.  

Martin Allen

Dr Martin Allen (Co-I, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge) is a monetary historian with a particular interest in medieval coin finds. He administers the Corpus of Early Medieval Coin Finds (EMC) at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, where he is a Senior Assistant Keeper in the Department of Coins and Medals and an Affiliated Lecturer of Cambridge University’s Faculty of History. He edits the British Numismatic Journal, which includes an annual Coin Register, publishing notable coin finds.

Dr Tim Pestell

Tim Pestell (Co-I, University of East Anglia) is Senior Curator of Archaeology at Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery and curates their post-Roman collections. His research interests include Early Medieval trade and exchange networks, Anglo-Saxon and medieval monasticism, and the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of East Anglia. He is particularly interested in the use of material culture to develop debates in these areas. He is an Honorary research fellow in the School of History, University of East Anglia.

Prof Tom Williamson
Tom Williamson (Co-I, University of East Anglia) is a landscape historian with a particular interest in the relationship between topography and territorial organisation. His main role in the project is to set Rendlesham and the various sites with which it is being compared within their wider landscape context, reconstructing possible patterns of land use by employing a wide range of medieval and post-medieval data.
Professor Marcos Martinón-TorresMarcos Martinón-Torres (Project Lead: Materials Science, University of Cambridge)

Project Researchers

Eleanor Blakelock
Dr Eleanor Blakelock (UCL) specialises in the study of ancient metallurgy, with a PhD in Anglo-Saxon and Viking ironwork, and having been the lead metals scientist studying the gold, silver and copper alloys in the Staffordshire Hoard project. She will be working on the gold, silver and copper alloy objects and metalworking waste from Rendlesham. The study will investigate the use of alloys, with an aim to investigate the metalworking practices, metal sources used and distribution of objects made at Rendlesham. She is looking forward to working closely with the team as it enters the next exciting stage.
Stuart Brookes
Dr Stuart Brookes (UCL) is Senior Research Associate and Teaching Fellow at the UCL Institute of Archaeology. He specialises in comparative landscape studies and the archaeologies of state formation. He has published various works on the archaeology of early medieval Europe, including Beyond the Burghal Hidage: civil defence in Anglo-Saxon England (2013), Landscapes of Defence in the Viking Age (2013) and The Kingdom and People of Kent (2010). He is Honorary Editor of the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine.
Faye Minter
Faye Minter (UCL) is an archaeologist who specialises in the identification of Roman and early medieval metal artefacts and has had responsibility for the finds recording at Rendlesham since 2008. She currently works as a Senior Archaeological Officer for Suffolk County Council, where she manages the county’s archives, Portable Antiquities Scheme, a Heritage Lottery Fund community archaeology project; Rendlesham Revealed and several other Suffolk based Historic England funded early medieval research projects.
Jude Plouvier

Jude Plouviez (UCL) specialises in the archaeology of Roman Britain, particularly East Anglia, with a focus on aspects of artefact studies including brooches, coinage and the 4th and 5th centuries. She has worked for many years in Suffolk, including recording finds made by metal detector users in the years before the introduction of the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Eleanor Rye

 Eleanor Rye (University of East Anglia) worked on the project between November 2017 and October 2018 as Senior Research Associate at the University of East Anglia.  Working closely with Tom Williamson, Ellie explored place-name evidence for early medieval landscape, settlement and society in and around our case-study areas.  She is now collecting and interpreting late medieval field-names from the parish of Rendlesham and will be using this material to examine medieval land-use and landholdings around Rendlesham itself.  Ellie is now an Associate Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics at the University of York. 

Dr Andrew Woods

Andrew Woods (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge) is a Museum Curator with a specialism in coinage. His research focuses on the ways in which coinage was used in North Europe in the Early Medieval period. This work often brings him into contact with data from metal-detectorists and he was a member of the team working on recording and interpreting the metal-detected assemblage from the Viking Winter-camp at Torksey.