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Lordship and Landscape Events


29 October 2019Andrew WOODSDetecting power: Interpreting the coinage from Anglo-Saxon Rendlesham. SAL: York Fellows Regional Group, Dean’s Court, York 
8 October 2019Faye MINTERAnglo-Saxon Rendlesham, ongoing research and future plans. 110 attendees
8 October 2019Faye MINTERAnglo-Saxon Rendlesham. Rendlesham Primary School 40 Key Stage 2 school children
28 September 2019Faye MINTERAnglo-Saxon Rendlesham. Archaeology in the East: Celebrating the CBA’s 75th Anniversary. Ipswich.200 attendees
24 September 2019Chris SCULL and Tom WILLIAMSONLordship and Landscape in East Anglia: New Narratives of Power, Polity and Territory in Early England. 70th International Sachsensymposion, Braunschweig, Germany.80 attendees
9 September 2019Richard KELLEHER

Coins in the later Medieval Countryside:  Single-find evidence from Rendlesham, Suffolk. Ernest Danson Memorial lecture,  Numismatic Society of Nottinghamshire. 

22 attendees
5 July 2019Faye MINTERAnglo-Saxon Rendlesham. Probus Club50 attendees
3 July 2019Martin ALLENEMC and Coin Use in Early Medieval Society. International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds.28 attendees
20 June 2019Eleanor BLAKELOCK

Metalworking at the Anglo-Saxon Palace at Rendlesham. 2019 Archaeometallurgy in Europe Conference, Miskolc Hungary. 

130 conference attendees
17 June 2019Chris SCULL

Rendlesham as a landscape of conversion. Centre for Cultural Heritage, Seoul National University.

20 invited participants
8 June 2019Eleanor BLAKELOCK

Craft working at Anglo-Saxon Rendlesham, is this the location of the royal palace workshop. Historical Metallurgy Society AGM Summer Meeting ‘Power and Control over Metallurgy Production’.

35 attendees

7 May 2019

Tom WILLIAMSONRendlesham in Context: Power, Territory and Topography, c. 400-800. Centre of East Anglian Studies 
2-4 May 2019Martin ALLENEMC and early medieval coin finds at Rendlesham, Suffolk, The 8th Joint Meeting of ECFN and nomisma.org on Coin Finds and Digital Numismatics. University of Messina40 attendees
27 November 2018Faye MINTERIpswich and District Metal detecting club The Anglo-Saxon finds from Rendlesham and current work150 attendees
6 September 2018Chris SCULLLordship and Landscape in East Anglia AD 400-800. 68. Internationales Sachsensymposion150 attendees
14 July 2018Faye MINTERFriends of West Stow Anglo-Saxon village, Anglo-Saxon Rendlesham20 attendees
25 June 2018Richard KELLEHER

Coins in the later Medieval Countryside: Single-find evidence from Rendlesham, Suffolk. Cambridgeshire Numismatic Society.

10 attendees
22 May 2018Faye MINTERPortable Antiquities Scheme Management meeting, Partnership working20 attendees
23 May 2018Faye MINTERSutton Hoo volunteers and staff, The Rendlesham Project; an update30 attendees
12 April 2018Faye MINTERSuffolk Institute of Archaeology and History AGM, Recent work at Rendleshamc.100 attendees
November 2017Faye MINTERMartlesham Local History Society, The Rendlesham Project30 attendees