UCL Early Medieval Atlas




Prof Andrew Reynolds Director, Professor of Medieval Archaeology, UCL Institute of Archaeology
Dr Stuart Brookes Associate Director, Research Associate, UCL Institute of Archaeology

Senior Members ^

Prof Barbara Yorke Honorary Professor, UCL Institute of Archaeology
Dr John Baker Senior Research Fellow, University of Nottingham Institute for Name-Studies
Dr Jayne Carroll Associate Professor, University of Nottingham Institute for Name-Studies
Dr Sue Harrington Honorary Senior Research Associate, UCL Institute of Archaeology
Dr Alex Langlands Lecturer, Swansea University
Dr Eleanor Rye Research Associate, University of Nottingham Institute for Name-Studies

Research Students ^

Andrew Agate Suburban Development in Anglo-Norman England
Murray Andrews Coin hoards and society in medieval England and Wales, c. AD 973-1544
Michael Bintley Trees and Woodland in Anglo-Saxon Culture [PhD completed 2010]
Robert Briggs
An interdisciplinary study of the significance of Old English -ingas in Anglo-Saxon society and culture, with special reference to place-names
Rose Broadley From Wics to monasteries and palaces: investigating Anglo-Saxon vessel glass from settlement contexts
Sue Brunning War-gear and Warrior Culture in England and Scandinavia, c.500-1100 [PhD completed 2013]
Scott Chaussée Social landscape of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Sussex
Rhiannon Comeau Land, people and power in early medieval Wales: the cantref of Cemais in comparative perspective
Hana Lewis Pattern and Process in Anglo-Saxon Rural Settlements
Martin Locker Pilgrimage in Later Medieval England: Four Regional Case Studies [PhD completed 2013]
Jason Peters
Adaptive continuity, pattern and process in the exploitation (and built environment) of woodland-pastures in Anglo-Saxon and Medieval England
Michael Shapland Tower-nave Churches as High-Status Secular and Religious Buildings in Anglo-Saxon and Early Norman Society [PhD completed 2012]
Tom Williams Landscape and Warfare in Early Medieval Britain
[PhD completed 2016]

    Networks and Collaborations ^

    Institute for Name-Studies John Baker, Jayne Carroll, Eleanor Rye
    The Assembly Project Frode Iversen, Alexandra Sanmark, Sarah Semple
    The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis Elsa Arcaute, Peter Ferguson
    The Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure Leigh Shaw-Taylor, Max Satchell
    The South Oxfordshire Project: perceptions of landscape, settlement and society, c.500-1650 Leverhulme Trust research project, Oxford University, Faculty of History (2012-15)
    Collapse and regeneration in late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages: the case of Northwestern Iberia (2015-17); Local territories and identities in the early medieval centre of Iberian Peninsula: a spatial analysis of rock-cut graves (2010-15) Iñaki Martín Viso, University of Salamanca
    Assemblies in Iceland 850-1950 project; Foundations of the European Space 2; 
    Foundations of the European Space; People and Space in the Early Middle Ages
    Orri Vésteinsson, University of Iceland
    The Alava Rural Settlement Project is a large-scale landscape-based study of the emergence and development of rural settlement in the Alava Plain of the Basque Country in the first millennium AD (2009 blog) Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo, University of the Basque Country

    Affiliated Researchers ^

    Dr Helen Clarke
    Honorary Senior Lecturer UCL IoA
    Prof Julio Escalona Monge Honorary Senior Research Associate UCL IoA / CSIC
    Prof James Graham-Campbell
    Emeritus Professor of Medieval Archaeology UCL IoA
    Lauren Harvey
    Honorary Research Assistant UCL IoA
    Dr Matilda Holmes
    Consultant Archaeozoologist website»
    Dr Richard Jones Senior Lecturer in Landscape History website»
    Dr Jane Kershaw
    British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow UCL IoA website»
    Dr Meriel McClatchie
    Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Archaeology website»
    Dr Eljas Oksanen Independent affiliated researcher. CV
    Prof Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo Honorary Senior Research Associate UCL IoA / Professor of Medieval Archaeology University of the Basque Country
    Prof Christopher Scull
    Honorary Professor UCL IoA
    Prof Leslie Webster
    Honorary Visiting Professor UCL IoA

    Visiting Scholars ^

    Prof Alejandro García Álvarez, Oviedo 2014 1 month as Affiliate Academic
    Dr Jose Carlos Sanchez Pardo, Santiago de Compostela  2013-14 3 months as Affiliate Academic
    Andréas Menéndez Blanco, Oviedo
    3 months as Visiting PhD student
    Rosella Renzo, Rome 2013
    3 months as Visiting PhD student
    Marianne Hem Eriksen, Oslo 2013
    6 months as Visiting PhD student
    Barbora Weissova, Sofia 2013
    6 months as Visiting PhD student
    Dr Sonia Manas Villar, Granada 2013
    2 months as Affiliate Academic
    Dr Margarita Fernandex Mier, Leon 2012
    2 weeks as academic visitor
    Dr Erki Russow, Tartu, Estonia 2012
    3 months British Academy Funded Affiliate Academic
    Jesus Fernandez Fernandez, Oviedo 2009
    3 months as academic visitor
    Dr Jose Carlos Sanchez Pardo, Santiago de Compostela
    2 years as Affiliate Academic
    Dr Juan Antonio Quiros Castillo, Vitoria 2008
    1 month (IoA Honorary Senior Research Fellow)
    Dr Frode Iversen, Oslo 2008
    6 months as Affiliate Academic
    Dr Alexandra Sanmark, Uppsala 2007-8
    18 months as Affiliate Academic

    FES Group photo

    Foundations of European Space 2 group in Iceland