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Hearing Therapy Skills

If you work with adults with acquired hearing loss, this course will help you improve and expand your skills.

Hearing loss forum

Dates: Thursday 13th – Friday 14th February 2020.
There is a third day which is optional for external delegates on Thursday 12th March 2020.
Course Directors: Lucy Handscomb

Please note this course was formerly known as 'Rehab for Adults with Acquired Hearing Loss'


This course aims to explore in depth the experience of deafness, and to examine a range of patient-centred approaches to adult audiological rehabilitation. Attending the course should equip participants to work with people with hearing loss more effectively, both individually and in groups.
As well as hearing from experts in the field, we will take a holistic view and draw on expertise from beyond the boundaries of audiology to consider the wider needs of the patients we work with. Participants will learn about recent evidence from a variety of sources which is clinically relevant.
This is a very interactive course which includes evaluation of journal articles, video clips and discussion forums involving service users, group activities and role play. You will be expected to do some reading in advance.

Who this course is suitable for:

The course is suitable for:

  • Audiologists
  • Hearing therapists
  • Hearing aid dispensers
  • ENT staff (doctors and nurses)
  • Social workers involved with sensory impairment
  • Lip reading teachers
  • People who work for charities that support people with hearing loss

You should have some experience of working with adults with hearing loss.

Course themes:

Day 1 -  Person-centred care and meeting the needs of non-routine patients with a  hearing therapy approach.
Day 2 - How you can use groups, classes and peer support to benefit people with hearing loss. Improving access with technology.
Day 3 - Delegate case presentations with discussion and journal club activities.

Teaching structure:

You'll learn from a mixture of lectures, discussions and interactive workshops.
The lectures will present both research evidence and personal accounts. There will be several interactive sessions in which topics from the lectures will be discussed and you’ll be able to share your own experiences. This ensures that everyone has the opportunity to participate fully and network with others who have similar interests.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • support people with hearing loss in making appropriate behaviour changes in their everyday lives
  • evaluate different approaches to aural rehabilitation and make decisions about which are suitable for development in your workplace
  • use a collaborative, problem-solving approach when discussing the difficulties experienced by people with hearing loss
  • make recommendations for assistive technology and support services

Certificates and accreditation:

You'll receive a certificate of attendance for the days you attend.




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