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Surgical Approach to Rhinosinusitis 27 November 2019

This course is designed around practical dissection sessions using fresh frozen cadavers.

Surgical Approach to Rhinosinusitis

The focus will be on endoscopic sinus surgery and the surgical treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis. Access to the frontal sinus using endonasaldrilling techniques will also be demonstrated as well as Balloon sinus dilatation techniques. This one day course will cater for all levels of expertise and will include tutorials discussing medical rhinology and olfactory loss treatments.  


1. Early intervention in chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS).

2. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (ESS) techniques focusing on mucosa preservation and balloon sinus dilation.

3. Spheno-ethmoidal dissection including the surgical treatment of hyposmia and understanding the anatomy of the superior turbinate

4. Frontal sinus dissection using image guidance


Please note this timetable is indactive only of previous years course and is therefore subject to change.


Course Organisers

  • Mr Peter Andrews and Hesham Saleh

Fees and booking

Fees: £450