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The optimization and validation of the musical stages profile questionnaire

The Musical Stages Profile (MSP) questionnaire was developed in a pilot study (Vickers et al. 2007), It’s function was to observe and gain understanding of musical development and behaviours of young children by parental interview. This Vickers et al (2007) version of the MSP questionnaire has been used in studies assessing the impact of musical training for cochlear implanted children in Turkey (Yucel et al. 2007;Yucel et al. 2009).

The aim of this research study was to optimise, validate and determine the reliability of the MSP for future use in observing and gaining an understanding of musical development and behaviours in groups of children with and without hearing impairment. An additional aim was to derive developmental age-appropriate centile charts for the MSP questionnaire.

As a result of the study a newly optimized MSP questionnaire has been created and this is available to download here…..

This research study has been undertaken by Sian Edwards as part of her PhD study. Her PhD study is funded by Advanced Bionics and Phonak.


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