UCL Ear Institute


Homeostasis in the Inner Ear


Normal hearing relies on the maintenance of a constant chemical environment within the tissues of the inner ear. This so-called “homeostasis” protects the sensory hair cells from damage, ensuring the exquisite sensitivity and frequency selectivity of our hearing. Inner ear homeostasis is carried out by numerous cellular mechanisms, often which are reliant on each other. Failure of any of these processes can result in hair cell death, and permanent hearing loss. It is our aim to gain a better understanding of these mechanisms, and to learn how we can translate these findings into clinical treatments to prevent hearing loss

We work closely with Andy Forge’s lab to decipher the regulation of homeostasis in the cochlea and vestibular organs, including changes occurring during ageing and regeneration. In particular, we study the function of connexins (gap junction channel subunits) in supporting cells, and how they work to protect hair cells from damage.

Relevant Publications

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