UCL Ear Institute


NIHR-UCLH BRC Deafness and Hearing Problems Theme

The aim of this research theme is to develop and deliver targeted and transformative therapies to prevent or alleviate deafness and hearing problems and to regenerate the hearing system.

Clinical and non-clinical researchers collaborate to address this and are working within four sub-themes aimed at:

  • Identifying clinical phenotypes and genes that underlie deafness and other hearing problems such as tinnitus;
  • Unravelling the molecular, cellular and physiological mechanisms of deafness and other hearing conditions;
  • Identifying and developing therapeutic targets for hearing loss and hearing regeneration;
  • Tailoring interventions (drugs, genes, devices and behaviour) to individual patients' needs.

Database of cohort of hearing loss

This document presents all available cohorts of hearing loss identified by our systematic review and grey literature search. It contains useful information on the variables contained within each cohort and contact information of authors. 

Among the many initiatives that are part of this BRC Theme is a collaboration between the UCL Ear Institute and the UCLH Adult Diagnostic Audiology Clinic to develop strategies for remote audiological testing.