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Reinforcing UCL’s European connections

14 June 2024

UCL’s Vice-Provost Research, Innovation & Global Engagement, Professor Geraint Rees, led a delegation visit to mainland Europe to reconnect with UCL’s community of partners, alumni, and policymakers through a series of meetings and events.

Berlin students

Joining him were Professor Alan Thompson, UCL’s Dean for Brain Sciences; Dr Uta Staiger, Director of UCL’s European Institute and Global Strategic Academic Advisor for Europe; Professor Eloise Scotford, Dean of UCL Laws; Professor Anna David, Director of the Elizabeth Garrett Institute for Women’s Health; Professor Maria Chait, Director of UCL's Dual Masters in Brain and Mind Sciences, and Patrick Haggard, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience.

As well as launching new initiatives with longstanding partners, UCL reconnected with European alumni in five cities over five days and celebrated the work of its network of alumni volunteers.

More information about the Inovative collaborations, Shaping European policy can be found here