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Ear Institute Fellow selected for Yale - UCL Collaboration

12 November 2019

The award allows UCL doctoral students to undertake a period of study at Yale University.

Jasmine Ho profile image

Jasmine Ho is an MRC and Rosetrees Trust Fellow working with Professor Martin Birchall.

She was recently awarded a scholarship to study at Yale University next year as part of the Yale UCL Collaborative Student Exchange Programme. By giving the opportunity to study in a different academic setting, the programme aims to let students gather skills that will enhance their current work, foster future collaboration and be an ambasssador for UCL.

Ahead of her forthcoming exchange Jasmine took some time to answer some questions for EI News.

Congratulations on your exchange award, when will it start?
1st June 2020 to end of August 2020 (3 months)

What are you looking forward to most during your upcoming time studying at Yale?
Just the fact that I can personally and intimately collaborate with the team in Yale is something in itself to look forward to. I have previously written an article with Professor Alan Dardik and have closely followed his research and publications, so it is very exciting to be able to work closely with the his research team as there will be so much to learn and so many new experiences to be gained!

What practices do you think you will bring to Yale that perhaps the researchers there have not experienced?
I believe my skills and experiences are quite unique, as there are not many clinician scientist in this field. So I hope to bring more of a translatable slant to the basic science research.

What research practices or insights do you hope you will be able to bring back after the exchange has finished?
I have heard a lot about how differently labs in the US operate compared to the UK, so I suspect I will gain lots of insight into how best to streamline research to get the best yield and output from our American colleagues.

What will you miss about the UK while you’re away?
My family – my husband and 2 young kids! I hope they will be able to join me for a stint whilst I am out there. Facetime will be used a lot I suspect!