UCL Ear Institute


18 June 2013 Minutes

Health and Safety Meeting held on 18th June .


  • Dr S Dawson (SD)

  • Mr G Nevill (GN)

  • Mrs C Overington (CO)

  • Mr W Potter (WP)

  • Ms J Ziff (JZ)


  • Dr N Daudet (ND)

  • Mr A Pyne (AP)

  • Dr P Singh (PS)

  • Miriam Gomez (MG)


Summary of actions from last meeting:

  • Issue of no Fire Marshall on the top floor (cottage) – not completed
  • PS training – not completed
  • If DV and IY cannot be First Aiders, they need to nominate alternative members of staff
  • The Freezer has been moved – complete
  • Gas cylinder storage – completed
  • Basement cellar cleaning - completed
  • Oxygen sensors sent to be fixed – been there weeks. Problem with parts as have none at present.


  • GN to chase company who are fixing the oxygen sensors


Last Fire Drill report

  • Black Gothic Church Door – Locked during fire alarm test. GN has yet to receive a response to his email.


  • AP to chase up ASAP

Build-up of Glass Bottles in Lab

Issue regarding how to get rid of the glass bottles. Currently awaiting glass recycling lids to arrive (free of charge) in August. AP will put the bins around shortly. Recycling collection sporadic.


  • Company who supplies the bottles to be contacted to ask if they recycle the bottles.

Category Three Room Airflow situation

  • Two airflows (1 for room and 1 for hood), issue reported for years. When hood is shut it creates a vacuum inside. The glass has been replaced at great expense. New Estates Satellite team are trying to help. An engineer visit made it worse, since then it has been corrected by a different engineer who agreed the issue was the damper. Therefore this issue is still outstanding. Concern raised that the equipment was not clean. UCL currently does not have a relevant policy. UCL staff raised concern as the materials used by the contractor could cause major safety issues.

Safety Notices

  • Concern raised that safety notices have yet to be up.


  • CO to chase AP to complete putting up all safety notices.

Chemical Waste Collection

  • Despite GN chasing up over several months, there is still an issue regarding the collection of chemical waste. In the short term old batteries should be taken to Tesco or the Post Office to be disposed of.

Service Contract for main autoclave

  • Ends late July 13.


  • MG to renew contract.
  • AP to find out whether UCL (central) are liable financially for this contract

Keypad on Jonathan Ashmore’s door

  • Keypad has disappeared, goes against safety policy


  • AP to replace keypad


First Aid Procedure

  • If a subject falls ill staff are unsure as to whether to seek first aid or call 222 (internal medical assistance). Procedure is unknown. CO confirmed the information is on the website.

First Aiders

  • Clarification requested as to whether the current first aider list was up to date.


Shelving insufficiently stored

  • Shelving propped against wall corridor near to BP. Needs to be taken away asap.


  • AP to include on inspection list and remove

Blue Gloves

  • Blue gloves should not be worn in the corridors of either 1st or 2nd floors.

Restrictions to office visibility

  • Window in AF’s office is visible, need something to cover as public could see animal parts.


  • AP to arrange for black out blind

Radiation Inspect Report

  • Only minor issues raised.


  • All Staff to ensure radiation room is kept closed and locked.


  • Soundseekers are new to the building (located in room previous occupied Deafness Research) but as they are only within one room membership of this committee is not appropriate.


  • A new student representative is required.


  • JZ will ask for a new student representative.



  • CO to ensure AP identifies all issues health and safety issues. AP will action all appropriate in house and report external issues. A monthly inspection is required.

NEXT MEETING: To be held in approximately 6 months