UCL Ear Institute


Rishi Mandavia

NIHR CLAHRC and BRC Research Fellow

Rishi is an ENT Surgical Doctor, currently carrying out a Ph.D. at University College London on the implementation of novel therapeutics into healthcare systems, supported by the NIHR BRC, ARC and the Royal College of Surgeons. He holds an MSc in Health Policy from Imperial College London and has published and presented his health services research widely, receiving international recognition.

Rishi has worked as a NICE Scholar and NICE Specialist advisor, contributing to national clinical guidelines and surgical device regulation; and is also a committee member on the Lancet Commission on Hearing loss, and an expert member on the World Health Organization’s World Hearing Forum.

As ENT Associate Lead for the Royal College of Surgeons, NIHR CRN Trainee Lead for ENT, and Committee Member of UK ENT Trainee research collaboratives, Rishi works to promote UK ENT research capacity. He is leading the national SeaSHeL study, the largest UK cohort study on sudden hearing loss, taking place across 100 NHS Trusts.