UCL Ear Institute


Lucy Handscomb

PPI and Patient Database Researcher

I am a hearing therapist who has spent many years working with people who have hearing loss and tinnitus, both individually and in rehabilitation groups. I teach rehabilitation skills to Audiology students at UCL Ear Institute and am responsible for involving Audiology service-users in student education. I have co-authored a number of book chapters and a self-help book on the subject of adult aural rehabilitation. My main research interest is in tinnitus therapy and my PhD, which I completed in 2018, involved conducting extensive surveys and interviews with members of the public affected by tinnitus, in order to better understand their experience.

I began as as Public and Patient Involvement lead in summer 2018 and I am responsible for ensuring the voices of people affected by ear, nose, throat, hearing and balance conditions are heard at every stage in the research process.