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Auditory Processing and Related Disorders

This two-day masterclass provides an in-depth update on the current scientific understanding of auditory processing and related disorders (APD), language, cognition and their interaction.

Dates: 11 - 12 March 2025
Course Director: Professor Doris Bamiou and Dr Peter Keating


This two-day masterclass provides an in-depth update on the current scientific understanding of auditory processing disorders (APD), language, cognition and their interaction across the age spectrum.

You'll learn about:

  • the scientific principles of auditory neuroscience
  • current clinical diagnostic and management approaches for auditory processing disorders

This is a multidisciplinary course, taught by clinician researchers and auditory neuroscience academic researchers. . 

Who this course is for:

  • Audiologists and audiology assistants
  • Hearing therapists
  • Audiology students
  • Teachers of the deaf
  • Speech and language therapists
  • General practitioners with a special interest in audiology
  • Audiovestibular doctors and other health professionals
  • Other health professionals with an interest in hearing and cognition

You should have some basic knowledge in audiology.


The course covers a wide range of topics including

  • the anatomy and physiology of the peripheral and central auditory pathways
  • the definition of auditory processing disorders (APD) and controversies
  • clinical presentations of APD in adults and children and the interplay of auditory processing, cognition and language
  • diagnostic considerations for APD including its differential diagnosis from auditory neuropathy spectrum disorders, developmental and/or cognitive disorders
  • current test batteries for assessment of different cohorts of patients with APD (e.g. the child with developmental disorders; dementia paitents)
  • mulitdisciplinary management of individuals with APD and with or without other hearing impairment, cognitive or developmental disorders in adults and children with APD
  • research tests in development 
  • electrophysiological tests for auditory processing
  • using auditory devices and training programmes in the management of APD

Seminar style, interactive teaching is supplemented by:

  • Group exercises and class discussion
  • Case studies
  • Self-directed reading and pre-reading around current structure and practice in auditory processing disorder services

The course is led by Professor Doris Bamiou and Dr Peter Keating, with lectures and seminars from experienced academics and clinicians. All materials will be available via the dedicated course page on UCLExtend. 

Course organisers
  • Professor Doris Bamiou, UCL Ear Institute
  • Dr Peter Keating, UCL Ear Institute
Learning Outcomes

Following this course, you will:

  • Be able to obtain a history of individuals suspected of APD
  • Be able to choose effective tests and other assessment strategies for individuals suspected of APD
  • Be able to consider differential diagnoses and recognise the need for multidisciplinary assessment 
  • Be able to formulate a management approach for APD
  • Recognise current limitations and controversies in the field of APD
Course Programmes

Day 1 - TBC

Day 2 - 


You'll receive a certificate of attendance for completion of this masterclass. 


Cost: £690

For direct payments (by card)

Places can be booked by credit/debit card up to 48 hours before the start of the course, subject to availability.

For payments by invoice

To secure a place, a purchase order document must be received within 7 working days of the course start date.

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