UCL Ear Institute


Audiology for ENT Trainees - Mar 2019 TBC

This one day course is designed to take ENT Trainees preparing for their JCIE Otolaryngology exam or merely interested in improving their audiology knowledge to support their Otology practice.

Course coordinators: Dr Ghada Al-Malky & Mr Sherif Khalil


CPD courses at the Ear Institute…

This course is delivered by experts in Higher Education teaching and training of audio-vestibular science and hearing therapy. Staff involved have previous experience of preparing trainees for the exam and have knowledge of the types of questions asked and how to answer them.

It will take delegates through several whistle stop stations covering different aspects of audiology ranging from basics of audiology diagnostics, to rehabilitation, to vestibular assessments and diagnosis & management of BPPV. 

You will never have to wonder what in the world ‘Masking’ means in audiometry, or guess what’s the difference between at BTE and an ITE is again! You will know how to do a Dix-Hallpike Manoeuvre and what particle repositioning can do!

There will have a chance to see different devices and how they are used and have a chance to ask questions. 


Who is this course suitable for? 

ENT Trainee doctors preparing for the JCIE Otolaryngology exam or interested in Otology

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Strengthen your knowledge in understanding the basic concepts behind audiological diagnostic tests of hearing and balance
  2. Have more confidence in interpreting the clinical outcomes of many of the commonly used audiological tests for hearing and balance
  3. Become more familiar with basic audiological rehabilitation tools used for patients with hearing loss e.g. hearing aid amplification, cochlear implants and hearing therapy
  4. Have good understanding of diagnosis and management of BPPV – as this is the most common peripheral vestibular disorder seen by doctors
  5. Practice questions previously asked at the JCIE Otolaryngology Section 2 exam