Year Abroad

For students about to leave for their year abroad, this information should be read in conjunction with departmental literature and the Faculty of Arts "Information Guide for Year Abroad Students".

The third year of the Dutch degree programme is spent abroad in either the Netherlands or the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. The department has close links with Dutch and Flemish universities through the European Union's SOCRATES programme. Students on SOCRATES exchanges are guaranteed housing in their host country. Participating universities include Amsterdam (UvA and VU), LeidenUtrecht, Brussels and Antwerp.

During their year abroad, all students carry out independent research for their project which is submitted at the beginning of the final year. The Year Abroad Project is a compulsory 1.0 unit course for single-subject students and a 0.5 unit course for combined-studies students which is included as one of the courses on which your degree will be classified. The aim of the Year Abroad Project is to help you improve your language skills and to explore some aspect of Dutch society and culture, in an area of interest to you. The outcome should be a critical personal report of the topic you have chosen.

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