Undergraduate degrees

Dutch Studies at UCL offers you the opportunity to learn an important European language from scratch up to degree level in four years, with one year abroad spent in the Netherlands or Belgium studying, teaching or on a work placement. In addition to these opportunities, the range of combined-studies degrees ensures that those wishing to continue with an A-level language while at the same time studying Dutch can do so.

The department offers a BA in Dutch (known as the Single Honours degree), but it is also possible to combine the study of Dutch with almost any other European language in the BA Modern Languages degree, and with History of Art, Management Studies, Film Studies and a number of other subjects in the BA Modern Language Plus degree. Among the many strengths of the department are its wide range of expertise in modern Dutch studies and its very strong links with the Netherlands and Flanders.

All these degrees have a four year study programme, including a third year spent studying abroad. Shorter programmes of study are available to Erasmus (Socrates) students. Dutch can also be chosen as part of the following undergraduate programmes:

If you are thinking about applying for a place, you can download the undergraduate prospectus entry for BA Dutch, BA Modern Languages, BA Modern Languages Plus, and BA Languages and Culture and find more information about how to apply on the website of the UCL Admissions Office.

Please also check our list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

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