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Dutch Self-Study Packs


In recent years, the Dutch Department has created a series of electronic multimedia study packs catering for different levels of linguistic competence and covering several subject areas (language, literature, history and society) as part of the Virtual Dutch. These study packs aim to introduce you to various writers, and to a fragments of their prose and poetry writing. They will also help you improve your reading skills in Dutch. You can listen to the text, study its vocabulary, sentence structures and cultural background. There is background information about the authors and their work. Once you feel you can read and understand the texts, you can move on to analysis of some of their literary aspects. When you have finished the study packs you should have a sense of the kind of writers they were and feel ready to read more of their work.

Virtual Dutch


Virtual Dutch is a collaborative teaching project between UCL and the University of Cambridge, the University of Sheffield and the University of Hull. This initiative provides an exciting opportunity for students to participate in joint projects with students from our partner institutions using WebCt and videoconferencing. Free interactive Studypacks, covering topics in Dutch language, literature, history and cultural studies, are available as well as Lagelands, an online course of Dutch and two Learner's grammars of Dutch etc.

UCL Library

UCL Library

The unique Dutch collection of UCL library, housed in a separate room, is the main library resource for students of Dutch. The holdings consist of some 12,000 volumes on the language, literature, history and culture of the Low Countries, supplemented by a large collection of periodicals. Most of the books are directly accessible on open shelves. The range of topics and periods covered is extensive and provides plenty of scope for independent study.

Virtual Learning Environment

UCL Moodle

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