Research degrees

(MPhil and PhD)

Research students work towards the degrees of MPhil and PhD in a wide range of areas. Literature, culture and history of the Low Countries from the Renaissance to the present day, Anglo-Dutch and Anglo-Belgian historical and cultural relations, Translation Studies and Dutch or Flemish literature, Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature and comparative European studies are only some of the topics for research in the department.  

Nick Piercey, Dutch reserach student

If you are thinking about applying for an MPhil or PhD, please get in touch with an academic member of staff. If you have not identified a potential supervisor yet, please contact the Dutch co-ordinator who will forward your enquiry to the most appropriate member of staff. You may also want to have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page. Theses at UCL Dutch can be written either in English or in Dutch.

London offers an unrivalled wealth of resources for researchers of Dutch and Flemish history, literature, culture and society. Have a look at Dutch library provisions in London written by Reinier Salverda, honorary professor in the department.

It is not unusual for research proposals to be cross-departmental and interdisciplinary, and this is even encouraged. The School of European Languages, Culture and Society, of which UCL Dutch is a part, has a wide range of expertise across all periods of history and literary production, across many geographical areas and covering most major genres of historical and literary research and writing. Joint supervision of your research project by two academics from UCL Dutch and another department within the School (or indeed within the whole of UCL) is possible.

Research Seminars and Training Courses

Regular departmental research seminars are held in which students, staff and occasional outside visitors speak about their own work and discuss research-related problems of methodology, theory and practical organisation.

The Institute of Historical Research (in nearby Senate House) hosts a regular and highly relevant Low Countries History seminar, with invited speakers from Britain and abroad. There are usually three seminars in each term. They tend to focus on 17th-20th century Dutch history and culture in the broad sense.

The UCL Graduate School organizes a range of research training courses.

Graduate Prospectus - Research Degrees Dutch

More information on Dutch research degrees (MPhil and PhD) can also be found in the UCL Graduate Prospectus.

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