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London Low Countries History – Research Seminar Series 2012/13

16 September 2012

Convenors: Anne Goldgar (KCL), Ben Kaplan (UCL), Ulrich Tiedau (UCL)
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The Low Countries history research seminars meet on Friday afternoons in the Institute of Historical Research at 5:15 pm. Please note: due to ongoing refurbishment work at the IHR, seminars this year we will meet in alternative locations (SH Court = Senate House, Court Room, located in the South Block on the 1st floor; ST B2 = Stewart House, adjacent to Senate House, at 32 Russell Square, room 2 in the basement).

Autumn Term

Oct 12 Dirk Schoenaers (UCL),
‘A history of translation in the Low Countries: An outline for the medieval period’
SH Court
Oct 26
Jan de Vries (Berkeley),
‘Taxing the staff of life: Efficient tax theory in the Dutch Republic’ (joint session with the Seminar on the Economic and Social History of the Pre-modern World)
SH Court
Nov 23
Mark Hay (King’s College London),
‘Revolutionary ideas on taxation: The Dutch fiscal policy of the period 1795–1814’
Dec 7 Esther Mijers (Reading),
‘Comparing empires: Attitudes to “empire” in the Netherlands and England in the seventeenth century’

Spring Term

Jan 18 Petra van Dam (VU Amsterdam),
‘Amphibious elements in Dutch water culture: Dealing with floods, 1200–1800’
Feb 1 Arjan van Dixhoorn (Ghent),
‘The knowing subject in early modern Dutch virtuoso-culture (1400s–1600s)’
SH Court
Mar 1
Raingard Esser (Groningen),
‘“Belgium is the heaven over the earth and Antwerp is its sun”: Descriptions of Antwerp in the seventeenth century’
SH Court
Mar 15
Joke Spaans (Utrecht),
‘Enlightenment and religion – what are we looking at?’
SH Court

Summer Term

May 17
Eric Jorink (Huygens Instituut, The Hague),
‘The Finger of God: Johannes Swammerdam (1637–1680) and Dutch Scientific Culture in the Golden Age’
SH Court
May 31
Tijl Vanneste (European University Institute, Florence),
‘Expatriates of Holland’s Golden Age: Dutch sailors making a living in the Mediterranean’
SH Court
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