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London Low Countries History – Research Seminar Series 2011/12

4 October 2011

Convenors: Anne Goldgar (KCL), Ben Kaplan (UCL), Ulrich Tiedau (UCL)
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The Low Countries history research seminars meet on Friday afternoons in the Institute of Historical Research at 5 pm. Please note: due to refurbishment work at the IHR, seminars this year we will meet in alternative locations (SH = Senate House: room 104 (Torrington Room), in the South Block on the 1st floor; ST = Stewart House, adjacent to Senate House, at 32 Russell Square, on the 2nd floor).

Autumn Term

Oct 21
Michiel van Groesen (Amsterdam)
‘The Making of Dutch Brazil, c. 1560–1760’
ST room 276
Nov 4
Maartje van Gelder (Amsterdam)
‘Between the Dutch Republic and North Africa:
The intermediary roles of Dutch converts to Islam’
SH room 104
Nov 18
Henk van Nierop (Amsterdam)
‘Romeyn de Hooghe and the pamphlet war of 1690’
ST room 274
Dec 2
Inger Leemans (Amsterdam)
‘The exchange as beehive: the nature of economics and the economics of nature in the Netherlands, circa 1700’
SH room 104

Spring Term

Jan 27 Oscar Gelderblom (Utrecht)
‘The tortured emergence of the world’s first joint-stock company: the Dutch East India Company (1595–1623)’
SH room 104
Feb 10
Christophe Declercq (London)
‘Belgian refugee workers in Britain during World War I’
SH room 104
Feb 24
Gillian Fleming (London)
‘A “disordered house”: The marriage of Philip of Burgundy and Juana of Castile (1496–1506)’ 
SH room 104
Mar 9
Judith Pollmann (Leiden)
‘On Furies. The Logistics of Sacking in the Dutch Revolt’
ST room 274

Summer Term

May 11
Alastair Duke (Southampton), ‘A protean phenomenon: the “patriots” in the late sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century Low Countries’ SH room 104
May 25
Philo Bregstein (Paris/Amsterdam)
‘Jacques Presser between history and literature’
SH room 104
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