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New Open Educational Resources project

1 March 2009

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As part of the individual strand of JISC’s and Higher Academy’s Open Educational Resources pilot programme, Ulrich Tiedau, Lecturer at the Dutch department, has been award a £20,000 research grant. The project will turn a comprehensive survey course in Early Modern Low Countries history, from the late Middle Ages to the end of the 18th century, into a multimedia and Web 2.0 enriched OER, published on the internet and freely available for anyone. In doing so it will create an important teaching and learning resource not only for the strategically important and vulnerable subject area Dutch Studies (as part of Modern Foreign Languages, as defined by HEFCE) but also for all learners with an interest in this European neighbour region of the UK, whose early modern history was closely intertwined with that of Britain (e.g. for students of British or European history). Consequently, a special focus of the OER will be put on relations between the Low Countries and the Anglophone world.

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The Open Educational Resources pilot programme has been designed to support institutions, consortia and individuals to release open educational resources for use and repurposing worldwide, by assisting the development of appropriate processes and policies to make this process an integral part of the learning material creation workflow.

For more information, visit the project website: Open Learning Environment in Early Modern Low Countries history (OER Dutch).

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