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Beacon for Public Engagement Award for Dutch Walks in London

23 July 2013

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Ulrich Tiedau has been awarded a 2013 UCL Beacon for Public Engagement Award for a project that will develop and publish, in close dialogue with the historically interested public, a set of Dutch (and Flemish) walks through London, directed at an audience interested in Anglo-Dutch exchanges over the centuries.
Each walk, or cycle-route, will be derived from and informed by research by members of the UCL Dutch department or the larger Low Countries Studies community in London and themed by either time period or subject. The walks will be created with a view to raising awareness of the manifold connections and exchanges between London and the Low Countries, and to engage with the wider public who will not only be able to follow the walks but also to contribute user-generated content.

The walks will be released in form of leaflets or brochures that will be distributed both in print and online and podcasts that can be listened to in situ on personal audio devices or smartphones.

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