Jane Fenoulhet

Jane Fenoulhet

Professor of Dutch Studies

Jane Fenoulhet works both in literary and cultural history. Research interests include Women’s writing, Literary history, Disciplinary history. Currently she is researching the life and work of the Dutch writer Cees Nooteboom. She is also interested in the effects of mobilities on language learners - see the edited volume Mobility and Localisation in Language Learning. The View from Languages of the Wider World.

The text of Jane Fenoulhet's Inaugural Lecture can be found here: Nomadic Literature: The Novels of Cees Nooteboom.

Contact details 

Jane Fenoulhet
University College London
Gower St
London WC1E 6BT UK
+44 (0)20 7679 2116

Office Hours: Monday 2-3; Tuesday 10-11

Publications include

Book cover Making the personal political

Making the Political Personal. Dutch Women Writers 1919-1970 , Oxford: Legenda, 2007.

‘Tijdgebonden. De onmisbaarheid van geschiedenis in het literatuur­curriculum’. In Kris Steyaert (ed.) n/f. De historische dimensie in de neerlandistiek. Association des néerlandistes de Belgique francophone, 2007

‘The Power of Narrative. Gendered narratology and Anna Blaman’s Op leven en dood’ Thomas F. Shannon, Johan P. Snapper (eds.) Dutch Literature and Culture in an Age of Transition:The 2005 Berkeley Conference on Dutch Literature, Berkeley Dutch Studies series vol. 1, Münster: Nodus, 2007

‘Is Anybody Listening? Dutch Women Writers between the Wars’, in A.M. Kershaw & A.M. Kimyoungür, Women in Europe between the Wars: Politics, Culture, Society, Aldershot: Ashgate Press , 2006

‘Intimate Emancipation. Mystical Experience in the Work of Carry van Bruggen and Etty Hillesum’, Forum for Modern Language Studies , Vol. 42 No.3, 2006

For further details see Jane Fenoulhet's homepage.

Dutch Courses 2010/11

Year Code Course
IV DUTC4201 Dutch Literature 1930–Present : Major Authors


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