Study Dutch in London!

As we move towards a global future, foreign languages and intercultural communicative skills become increasingly important. Dutch is the modern language closest to English and thus the most accessible language to learn. Nevertheless, graduates with a good command of Dutch are still rare, thus learning Dutch opens up unique career opportunities across Europe and beyond.

You may be surprised to learn that Dutch is indeed a global language. Not only is it spoken by over 23 million people in two neighbouring countries of Britain, the Netherlands and Flanders (the northern half of Belgium), but it is also the official language of Suriname in South America and widely understood in the Dutch Caribbean as well as to some extent in Indonesia. Afrikaans which is spoken by some 17 million speakers in South Africa and Namibia, is closely related to Dutch and to a large extent intelligible if you know Dutch.

Dutch Language Taster

Choosing Dutch at UCL enables you to study this Germanic language from scratch and graduate as a fluent and interculturally competent speaker of Dutch with deep insights into the social and cultural issues of the Netherlands and Belgium. You will gain a thorough knowledge – which is fairly uncommon – of a European region which, despite its size, has made enormous contributions to global culture and society in fields ranging from art and literature over architecture and design, science and engineering to progressive social policies, multiculturalism, popular culture and sports.

Taster in Dutch Cultural Studies

UCL houses the largest Centre for Dutch Studies in the English-speaking world. The department, founded in 1919, was the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. Today it offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate degree programmes and is an acknowledged centre of excellence in both teaching and research in the field of Dutch and Flemish language and culture. You can either study Dutch on its own or combine it with Management Studies, History of Art, Film Studies etc. or another modern European language like German, French, Spanish, Italian or one of the Scandinavian or Eastern European languages.

The department also offers a uniquely supportive environment for those studying Dutch. As a student at UCL you will have access to the most comprehensive Dutch library in the English speaking world, a unique collection of over 12,000 volumes covering all aspects of Dutch Studies. The volumes are supplemented by a large collection of periodicals, interactive multimedia study resources, and a growing collection of Dutch and Belgian movies and documentaries on DVD. The Dutch Department hosts an annual Writer in Residence scheme with acclaimed Dutch writers coming over from the Netherlands and working with students. Our position in the heart of London also provides you with access to the Dutch collections in London’s major Art Galleries, the British Library, the National Film Theatre etc. and to a rich variety of cultural events and activities with a Dutch and Belgian focus such as exhibitions, concerts, poetry readings, film festivals, plays and visits from leading Dutch-writing authors, scholars, musicians and performers.

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