Dementia Research Centre


Downloading the Data


Images can be downloaded from the XNAT database by selecting the MIRIAD project followed by the Download Images action on the right.

For convenience a TAR file containing all the images can be downloaded here. (You must first log in to the XNAT database to access this.)

Psychology and demographic data

After logging in, on the MIRIAD XNAT page add the ClinicalAsessment and MR Sessions tabs if they aren't present by using the SELECT drop-down menu. The full dataset can be saved by selecting Spreadsheet in the Options drop-down menu at the right-hand side of the listing. Your browser should offer to save or open the resulting CSV file.

ClinicalAssessment gives MMSE for each visit and CDR score and sum of boxes at screening for Alzheimer's participants.

MR Sessions lists age at each scan (to two decimal places), group (AD/controls) and gender.

Blinding codes

The blinding codes from the MICCAI 2012 atrophy measurement challenge are available as a csv file.