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Resources and links

This page contains links to other websites that may be of interest to people with PCA, and some information sheets that are available to download.

Information sheets

There is an educational tool created by Neil and Linda Hoskins for those that are new to PCA.  (Content on financial support is aimed specifically for people in the UK.)  It can either be accessed via their website or it can be downloaded as a free Android ‘app’ available from the Google Play Store;

Visit their website or download the Google app


On Facebook, there are several useful groups designed to be a chat sites for Facebook users to get informal support from each other. They include content provided by other users:

There is also a Yahoo Group for people with PCA.

There are a number of blogs about living with PCA including:

There are a number of websites with information about audio description:

For links to websites of other organisations that provide support, please see the page about organisations providing support and information.