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Posterior Cortical Atrophy Support Group Website

Welcome to the Posterior Cortical Atrophy (PCA) Support Group website. This site aims to provide information and support to people with PCA, and their families, friends and healthcare professionals.

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This website has pages explaining what PCA is, providing a scientific overview of PCA, and explaining the use of brain imaging in PCA, as well giving advice on planning for the future.You can download a flyer (pdf) about the PCA support group.

You can also find out about PCA support group meetingsread the newsletters and listen to recordings from the meetings.

We have links to radio programmes and videos about PCA, links to other organisations that may be able to provide support, and links to other websites about PCA.

You can also download information sheets (such as advice about blue badge eligibility) and scientific articles about PCA.

Finally, there is information about the Myrtle Ellis fund and fundraising activities that support this group.

Please note that you assume full responsibility and risk when attending support group meetings, and also in the use of the information contained on our website, in our newsletters and at support group meetings.