Dementia Research Centre


Dr Ian Malone

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
  • Software developer for the Clinical Trials Team

Dr Ian Malone…

Ian is a Research Associate at the Dementia Research Centre (DRC), and is responsible for imaging trials software development and translation of new image analysis methods to an applied research setting.

His current research involves working with other DRC researchers on the application of novel techniques and imaging methods in MRI (including diffusion imaging and connectivity measures) to dementia and development of analysis pipelines and longitudinal measures.

He is the technical lead for the MIRIAD dataset dissemination project (a public database of Alzheimer's MRI scans for researchers) supported by an Alzheimer's Society UK grant.

For his PhD in physics, obtained in 2009 from the University of Cambridge, he developed methods for attenuation correction in combined MRI/PET imaging.

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