Dementia Research Centre


Dr David Cash

  • Senior Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dr David Cash…

David's research focus is on imaging biomarkers, particularly during the pre-symptomatic phase of dementias. He is involved in the image analysis of three pivotal studies in preclinical dementia: the Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network (DIAN), the GENetic FTD Initative (GENFI), and the National Survey for Health and Development (also known as the 1946 birth cohort). The last two studies are led by investigators at UCL, and David has had a leading role on the image acquisition, analysis and data management for these studies. 

The goal of imaging in preclinical dementia is to determine when and where changes are occurring in patients before symptoms occur so as to design appropriate measurements to track disease progression and potential signs of disease modification during a therapeutic trial. The most common imaging measurements include volumetric T1 MRI in order to track changes in the size and shape of various brain structures, both cross-sectionally and in more sensitive measures of longitudinal change. However, we are often incorporating more advanced MR imaging techniques, such as diffusion weighted imaging, resting state fMRI, and arterial spin labelling to identify other changes in the brain. David's role is to help translate novel biomarkers on these modalities into more clinical use at the Dementia Research Centre, so that we can determine how best to use these in large scale, multi site studies.

David works between the Dementia Research Centre and the Translational imaging Group (TIG) of UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC).