Dementia Research Centre


What the clinic visit involves

Patients are assessed in a consultant-led multidisciplinary clinic, including neurology, psychiatry, psychology, imaging, neurophysiology and speech and language therapy.  

Where appropriate, patients are investigated on the same day with MRI, psychology and EEG tests.


This is a scan of your brain which takes place within a specialist (loud) machine and the process should take under an hour. You will be asked some questions to make sure there is no reason why you cannot have a scan (e.g. you have a pacemaker).


These are tests of memory and thinking and may take around one and a half hours.


This is a record of the brain’s electrical activity, and involves special electrodes being attached, painlessly to the scalp. It may take an hour.

If necessary patients can be admitted for further investigations to the Day Case Unit at the NHNN and we have a dedicated lumbar puncture clinic for rapid access to spinal fluid assessment. This can be an important part of the diagnostic process. Other types of imaging are also available.

In addition to clinical care, all patients are offered the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and other studies at the DRC.