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Meet the Virtual Reality Research Team

Emilie Brotherhood Silvia Primativo Jason Drummond David Swapp
 C-PLACID Research Assistant  Research Associate Research Associate Immersive VR Laboratory Manager
 Dementia Research Centre  Dementia Research Centre  UCL Computer Science  UCL Computer Science

Emilie Brotherhood is the Research Assistant for the C-PLACID project…

Silvia is a Research Associate at the Dementia Research Centre designing experiments for the C-PLACID study…

Jason is programming the virtual reality scenes for the C-PLACID study…

David manages the VR laboratory where some of the C-PLACID experiments take place…
Emilie is designing the VR scenarios and running the experiments to collect data Silvia is helping to run the VR experiments to collect data Jason programs the VR scenarios for the C-PLACID project David manages the laboratory where the C-PLACID VR experiments are taking place
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T: 020 3448 3609 T: 020 3448 3656 T: 020 7679 1530 T: 020 7679 7211
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Mel Slater Anthony Steed Seb Crutch
Professor of Virtual Environments Professor of Virtual Environments Professorial Research Associate
UCL Computer Science UCL Computer Science  Dementia Research Centre

Mel is a Co-Lead on the VR part of the C-PLACID study…

Anthony is a Co-Lead on the VR part of the C-PLACID study…

Seb Crutch is the Chief Investigator of the C-PLACID study…
Mel is Co-Lead with Anthony Steed on the C-PLACID VR Experiments Anthony is Co-Lead with Mel Slater on the C-PLACID VR Experiments Seb is the Chief Investigator of C-PLACID, overseeing each part of the study
 T: 020 7679 3709  T: 020 3108 7112  T: 020 3448 3113
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