Teaching Engineers to Draw

Film 7: The Templeman Library Project

This film shows how drawing skills and techniques are applied to enable quick conversations between engineers, architects and others in the design of a building (The Templeman Library, University of Kent).

Fact File

Shows Engineers and architects communicating with:

  • “Conversational” sketches about design principles
  • Freehand over CAD drawings
  • Photoshopped freehand drawing
  • Isometric Section and Orthographic drawings.

This film shows in rich detail the way architects and engineers use freehand drawing to communicate concepts and construction principles

The film demonstrates:

  • The range of sketches and strategies available to engineers when they need to visualise things that do not yet exist.
  • How engineers decide which type of sketch is most suited to the “story” it needs to tell
  • The need for “imprecision” in freehand sketches to enable ideas to incubate and mature in discussions between the design team before they are finalised on the computer

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