UNDERSTANDING SLUMS: Case Studies for the Global Report 2003

This set of studies of slum conditions, policies and strategies was commissioned and compiled in preparation for the United Nations Global Report on Human Settlements 2003 – The Challenge of Slums. The case study cities were selected by an expert group assembled by UN-Habitat to design and prepare the first draft of the Global Report in January 2002. Care was taken to achieve a representative geographical distribution, a spread of city sizes and ‘levels of development’. The availability of information and researchers was also taken into account.

Location of Case Studies
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The authors all worked to a common terms of reference and template for structuring the studies that was developed by the expert group. The compilation and editing of the case studies was undertaken by the Development Planning Unit (DPU), University College London (UCL).

It is intended that this CD-ROM containing 34 city case studies, already a valuable resource for capacity building, research and information exchange, should become a live website to which other city studies will be added. Thus, the invitation is hereby extended to urban researchers and city administrations to prepare such studies for cities not yet included.

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DPU Team: Patrick Wakely (Director), Kate Clifford, Alex Walker, Anna Soave, assisted by Wanarat Konisranukul, Khanh Tran-Thanh, Manjusha Rai and Karen Levy

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This compilation has been funded by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme
and produced by the Development Planning Unit (DPU), University College London.

The Development Planning Unit (DPU) would like to thank the authors and institutions that have kindly authorised us to reproduce their work.

The views expressed in the publications are those of the individual authors and are not necessarily those of UN-Habitat or the DPU.

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