Two films are presented in this CD-ROM. The first film Agents of Change - Amartya Sen's Five Freedoms, produced by TVE, highlights the relationship between community initiatives and Urban Freedoms.

The second film consists of a free ranging discussion with Amartya Sen conducted by Romi Khosla. It touches on issues of poverty, development and freedom. Director Janet Boston.

The films were launched by the Urban Development Team of the Department for International Development (DFID) at the United Nations World Habitat Day celebrations held in Brussels in October 2002.

Removing Unfreedoms
This section presents two papers Removing Unfreedoms: Citizens as Agents of Change by Romi Khosla and Freedom, Culture and Urban Revitalisation by Jane Samuels.

Khosla's paper argues that in the light of the work of Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, there is a need not only to modify current policy frameworks that deal with development, but also to share them across the globe. Such a shift would enable the national governments and sponsors to consider that the wider overarching goals of human development are those that provide individual citizens with ever expanding opportunities for freedoms. There is a need to let citizens live the life of their choice. It argues that an objective that enables human beings to lead the life that they value is higher than one that enables them to be merely less poor and more efficient producers of wealth.

Samuels' paper complements Khosla work by looking into the cultural dimension of removing unfreedoms.

The Ten and a Half Myths That May Distort Urban Policies Among Governments and International Agencies
by David Satterthwaite

This paper identifies twelve myths about urban areas - or to be more precise, ten and a half myths, since three of them are partially true statements in need of qualification to make them useful. These myths underpin and perpetuate ineffective and often inappropriate policies by governments and international agencies.

Institutional Publications: refers to policy frameworks, guidelines and other types of official material from international and government agencies such as UN-Habitat or DFID.

Research Documents: includes a selection of relevant publications on urban development, urban myths and on the experience of various community-led initiatives.

Internet Resources: contains links to institutional and non-institutional sites concerned with urban development. This includes associative and non-governmental organisations involved in community based initiatives or/and research and providing a more local perspective.