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Yale UCL Collaborative Student Exchange Programme

About the Student Exchange Programme

Yale and UCL have a unique partnership called the Yale UCL Collaborative and, as part of this exciting initiative, the two universities launched an Exchange Scheme for doctoral students, giving UCL students the opportunity to undertake a period of research at Yale as part of their doctorate under the supervision of an identified Yale Supervisor. 

This opportunity has been specifically designed to enable UCL doctoral students to experience working in a different academic setting at another world-leading research-intensive university and to gather skills that will enhance their current work as well as future personal and professional plans. As ambassadors for UCL, Exchange participants will be expected to make the most of their time at Yale by engaging as fully as possible with Yale's research community. It is hoped that the experience will allow UCL's doctoral students to forge future links between the two institutions and within their research areas. 

Exchanges should be a minimum of 3 months (90 days) and longer periods may be considered if specifically agreed to by the student and proposed Supervisor. Doctoral students from any research area are eligible to apply for the Exchange. 

If you would like to apply for the opportunity to visit Yale on an Exchange you should: 

  1. Discuss the opportunity with your UCL Supervisor and identify a Yale Graduate School program and Faculty Advisor who is willing to supervise you for the period of the Exchange. The Yale Graduate School's current program listing can be viewed here
  2. Plan the dates of your visit carefully and ensure that you apply to be put forward for the Exchange at least four months in advance, and by the relevant deadline (see Guidlines below). 
  3. Consider whether you/your funding body are able to fund your costs, or whether you will be applying for a Yale UCL Bursary in addition.


Tuesday 24 September 2024 (earliest exchange start date: January 2025)

Tuesday 25 March 2025 - (earliest exchange start date: August 2025)  

Please note, there will be two rounds running in the 2024/25 academic year. 

Apply for Exchange Scheme

Full Guidelines 

Read the terms and conditions to understand the full guidelines.

Key contacts

UCL contact: docschool@ucl.ac.uk

Yale contact: sarah.insley@yale.edu

 For further information, please view Yale's dedicated Exchange Scholars webpage.