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Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties

If you wish to have special examination arrangements (e.g., extra time; use of a computer) on the grounds of a Specific Learning Difficulty you will need to have an assessment with one of UCL’s SpLD assessors. This is the case even if you come to UCL with an up-to-date diagnostic assessment report.

To arrange an appointment for a short assessment contact SDS on 020 7679 0100. Please do this as early in the academic year as possible; if you wait until near the end of the second term you may find that there are no available appointment slots for you.

If you have had a full assessment or top up assessment conducted by one of the UCL SpLD assessors you do not need a separate appointment to determine your examination arrangements.

Assessment for special examination arrangements

At UCL, the amount of extra time granted relates to the severity of the current effects of your dyslexia on the speed and accuracy of your reading and writing. The exam arrangements assessment takes about one hour and generates eight measures of performance (four relate to reading and four to writing). The amount of extra time granted ranges from five to twenty minutes per hour – and may differ from the provision you may have received previously. If you have handwriting difficulties, measures of proficiency in typing are also taken and, if appropriate, you may be granted permission to use a PC in exams.

Your assessor will liaise with the UCL Examinations Office regarding your exam arrangements and you will be asked if you agree for us to inform your course administrator about the outcome of the assessment.

After the short assessment you will have the opportunity to discuss your wider support needs (such as tuition in study skills). Extended library borrowing time will be arranged and you will be given stickers to attach to your course work to alert markers that you are dyslexic. The stickers refer your markers to the UCL guidance for assessing the work of students with specific learning difficulties.

Guidance on marking the work of dyslexic students