Information Studies




The following is the schedule for the last academic session and may be subject to change. In addition we look at relevant case studies to use as examples.

  • Session 1: Introduction. Origins and role of XML. Structure of an XML document (elements and attributes). Document deconstruction and analysis (constructing a document tree).
  • Session 2: Further document analysis. Well-formed documents. Practical exercise in marking up a document.
  • Session 3: Principles of document type definitions (DTDs). Building and implementing simple DTDs. Marking up documents according to a DTD. Validating documents. Using the Oxygen XML Editor.
  • Session 4: More Oxygen and XML editing
  • Session 5: More document analysis and markup validation. A case study as a detailed example.

Reading Week

  • Session 6: Introduction to XML Schemas
  • Session 7: Introduction to XSL stylesheets
  • Session 8: Creating outputs with XSLT stylesheets
  • Session 9: more work with XSL stylesheets
  • Session 10: Other XML standards and applications

Background Reading