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Marcel Knöchelmann

Marcel Knöchelmann is a doctoral student at the Department of Information Studies at University College London. His work focuses on the economics of scholarly publishing, open access, and the production and communication of knowledge.

Survey on Authorship in the Humanities and Social Sciences

What are the processes behind scholarly authorship: why publishing, in what form, and with which motivations? Contribute to LAHP/AHRC-funded research and help identify the needs of researchers regarding publishing services and research assessments, if you:

  • are a researcher in a Humanities or Social Sciences discipline
  • are working in the UK or Germany
  • have 8 minutes to spare on an anonymous online questionnaire

Go to > lepublikateur.de/survey

Marcel Knochelmann

Marcel has extensive experience in scholarly communication through work at John Wiley & Sons, De Gruyter, The Academic Book of the Future project, fullstopp consulting, and Knowledge Unlatched, among others. He received a BA from HTWK Leipzig, Germany, and an MA from UCL. Before his university studies, Marcel completed a three-year apprenticeship as a bookseller at an independent bookshop in Germany. He publishes articles on his blog lepublikateur.de (see list of publications there), and is editorial assistant of the Journal of the International Arthurian Society. He lectures on the following topics:

  • Marketing and strategy in scholarly publishing (UCL)
  • The history of scholarly publishing (UCL)
  • Digital publishing processes (UCL)
  • Academic writing and discourse (HTWK Leipzig)
  • Managerial accounting (HTWK Leipzig)

Marcel received a 2016 SSP International Fellowship, was the 2015 John Wiley & Sons scholar, and is an alumnus of the German National Merit Foundation. His research is funded by the AHRC UK through the London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP). 

Talks and Keynotes

  • Brands and Reputation in Journal Publishing, June 2017, Boston, SSP Annual Meeting
  • Open Access: Disruption at What Cost?, November 2017, Oxford, SYP Conference
  • Feasibility of Open Access in Book Publishing, March 2017, London, Book Fair
  • A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly and Possible Effects on Inequality in Academic Publishing, October 2016, Berlin
  • Platform Wars: Platforms and Journal in Academic Publishing, March 2016, London, Book Fair
  • Disruption in Publishing: Survival of the Fittest, ebookcamp, Hamburg, 2015

Get in touch for future events: marcel.knochelmann.15@ucl.ac.uk