Information Studies


Frequently Asked Questions

UCL Registry deal with admissions, student registrations, tuition fees and central enrolment. You will find a lot of useful information on their webpages for Prospective Students and Current Students. The webpages are updated continuously. Contact details for the different sections of the Registry can be found at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/srs.

The Department of Information Studies will provide you with information on the department, your programme of study and departmental enrolment. Please contact your PG administrator if you have any queries.


I will need accommodation - where can I find further information?

DIS unfortunately does not have the resources to help students find accommodation, but we hope that the following will at least provide a start:-

UCL student accommodation is normally only available for full-time students registered at UCL who require accommodation for a full academic year. Further information can be found at:-


There are a number of alternatives - see:


Students looking for others to share a flat/house often advertise on student noticeboards on campus, so it's worth having a look in the main UCL building, if you can.

The UCL Students Union publish a useful "A short guide to...Finding Accommodation"

I will be moving to London - how expensive will it be?

UCL has a useful web page providing information on living in London and guidance on the likely level of living expenses:-


For international students there is additional information at:-


I have heard from the department that, subject to final checks, a place is going to be offered to me but have not heard anything further.

The formal offer letter is sent by the UCL Admissions Office. At certain times of the year, they deal with thousands of applications, so it does sometimes take a bit of time for offer letters to be sent out. However, if you have been waiting for more than 4 weeks, you should contact the UCL Admissions Office team covering the Arts & Humanities Faculty.

I have received my offer letter, but there is a mistake in it.

Please notify the UCL Admissions Office team covering the Arts & Humanities Faculty immediately - contact information.


Is there a preliminary reading list for my programme?

Preliminary reading lists will be available later in the summer here.


I want to study over two years, but my student registration runs for five years - why?

You can complete your programme in two years. For almost all taught postgraduate programmes, UCL now has only two categories of student registration:

Full-time: registration will be for one year (precise end date depends on whether you are registered for the PG Certificate, PG Diploma or MA/MSc)

Modular/flexible: students are automatically registered for a maximum of five years for the PG Diploma and MA/MSc, but can complete their programmes in two years. Students for the PG Certificate are registered for two years.

The only exception is the MRes. This can be taken on a full-time basis over one calendar year or part-time over two years. That is the maximum registration.


What are the term dates?

You can find the term dates at: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/staff/term-dates/2017-2018

The Department of Information Studies operates a Reading Week in November and February.

When will my course start?

The 2017-18 academic year will start on Monday 25th September 2017. For information on online pre-enrolment and UCL and departmental enrolment, please check the Welcome page.


When will my course timetable be available?

Timetables are usually finalized over the summer, when the department has had a chance to work out any changes which might need to be made. We aim to make the draft timetables available as soon as we possibly can to help students plan ahead. Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot finalize everything as we ourselves are waiting for further information, but we will always try and notify students of any changes as they occur.

Timetables will be available from our Welcome page.

When will lectures start?

The first week of term 1, starting on Monday 25th September 2017, is Induction Week. There will be many introductory activities so it is important that all full-time students attend during that week. You should therefore plan to be at UCL every day that week.

Part-time/modular students should attend at least on the Monday and Tuesday of induction week and are most welcome to attend as many of the Induction Week events during the rest of the week as they can. The normal timetable will start from Monday 2nd October 2017.

How long are the lectures?

Modules are usually taught in three hour blocks, starting either at 10.00 and ending at 13.00 or 14.00 and 17.00. Occasionally, modules have to start earlier or end later because of room booking constraints, but this will be made clear on the timetable.


How much will my tuition fees be?

There are various tuition fees for UK, EU and international students. The UCL Admissions Office (not DIS) is responsible for determining your fee status. They will usually notify you of your fee status in your offer letter and the fee payable in the offer confirmation, which is sent out over the summer.

For further information on fee status, please see:-


Full-time students who are paying their own fees are expected to pay at least 50% of the total fee at the beginning of the academic year, with the remainder by the end of January 2017.

Modular students are charged pro-rata to the full-time fee according to the credit value of the modules taken in each year. You will be expected to pay your tuition fee after you have registered for the modules you'll be taking in 2017-18 (about mid-October).