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International Centre for Archives and Records Management Research

Founded in 2005, ICARUS is a research centre within the Department of Information Studies (UCL:DIS). Its purpose is to:

  • Develop knowledge and enhance understanding of the creation, management and use of records and their role in society
  • Map, monitor and analyse significant changes in the archives and records domain.

ICARUS builds on UCL:DIS’s global reputation and worldwide range of contacts to bring an international perspective to the study of records. ICARUS seeks to engage in research projects with a range of international professional organisations, and with leading archives and records academics from across the world.

ICARUS takes advantage of the cross-disciplinary environment of UCL:DIS and seeks to bring in, skills, knowledge and best practice from other related domains. Working across disciplines enables ICARUS researchers to develop a fuller understanding of how records relate to and interact with other forms of evidence and information and other types of memory object and material culture. 

ICARUS is committed to fostering the development of research infrastructure for the discipline, both in the UK and internationally. It attracts high quality research students and academic staff and has pioneered close interaction between research and professional practice.

ICARUS is currently undertaking an innovative programme of research of real benefit to the academic, professional and user communities. Priority areas of research are: