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The Publishers Association, the Centre for Publishing at University College London and EDItEUR announce the next Digital Publishing Forum. These events examine digital issues of strategic importance to academic, professional, educational and trade publishers through a mix of presentations and discussion sessions.


Forum at University College London from 4pm to 6 pm: Roberts G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre

Drinks reception from 6 pm to 7 pm: Arts Faculty Common room, Foster Court, G24

Identifiers are central to the constant struggle to enhance efficiency, save money and add to margins made possible by the digital revolutions and most of the discussion will be relevant to all sectors of publishing.

The forum will begin by an introduction to the principles of identification from Mark Bide or Graham Bell of EDItEUR. This will include a presentation of the <indecs> principles and the LCC identification paper covering issues including functional granularity, collocation and disambiguation, the Theseus paradox etc; when there is and when there isn’t a case for standards; and minimum referent metadata

There will be three case studies:

Case study (1)– ISBN revision, lessons to be learned moving from physical to digital  – Stella Griffiths, International ISBN Agency

Case study (2) – EIDR, new efficiencies and new opportunities through the application of identifiers -- Raymond Drewry, Movie Labs

Case study (3) – the identification of assets – potential application in the context of educational resources– Graham Bell, EDItEUR

These will be followed by a roundup of other pertinent identification developments (ISNI, ISTC) - Graham Bell

Finally there will be panel discussion – chaired by Anthony Watkinson (CIBER Research) comprising all the speakers and encouraging interaction with the audience

These friendly, informal events allow ample time for questions and discussion, followed by drinks and an opportunity for further networking and discussion. The seminar fee is £46.00 for members of the Publishers Association or EDItEUR, and £92.00 for non-members (and a special fee of £15.00 for postgraduates from other universities).

For further information, please contact:

Please click here for the application form.

Upcoming Digital Publishing Forums:

The event originally planned for February on the SUPPLY CHAIN is now scheduled for June 18th. The organizer is Karina Luke of BIC.

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