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UCLLIS Graduate discovers rare William Caxton text

Erika Delbecque, special collections librarian at the University or Reading, has discovered an incredibly rare Caxton text (pages from an incunable) which was part of a collection she was cataloguing. The pages have been in the Reading collection for some time but had been previously overlooked in terms of their significance. The text is two pages of a religious book produced by William Caxton. It is believed to be from the earliest years of Caxton’s printing press c.1476. This marks an important find for the history of printing and the development of the publishing trade.

Erika said ‘this is an incredibly rare find…which is in no small part due to the excellent training in historical bibliography that I received at UCL.” Erika was a past student on the Library and Information Studies MA at UCL. We are all very proud of her identification of this important work.

Further information on the find is available on the BBC website at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-39846929