Information Studies


UCLDIS Outreach to Industry Map

This map shows the external and industry partners that UCL DIS (Department of Information Studies) is connected with, through research and teaching.

The map includes work-placement hosts for our MA/MSc students, and external speakers who are invited to contribute to teaching at UCLDIS.

This year, we have identified a total of 127 hosts and 88 external speakers from 198 institutions, demonstrating our connections around Bloomsbury and beyond.

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Please note that there is some overlap between these two categories.


  • The colours of the map pins and the associated circles are randomly assigned.  If any particular pin is too dark, then the page can be re-loaded in order to assign new colours.
  • Generally head office addresses have been used rather than the exact location of a work-placement host or external speaker.
  • If you believe there is an error in the map, or do not want the location of your organisation to be displayed on it, please contact us at o.duke-williams@ucl.ac.uk

List of partners